Artist: Kesha

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Spandex On The Distant Horizon
Ke$ha said in an interview that, after her tour and the remix album is out/done with, she's planning to start writing songs for a new record, Which she said will be called "Spandex On The Distant Horizon". It is the third studio album of kesha.
The next full length album from Ke$ha won’t come until sometime in the future, well after her new dance remix album is out the door. “Maybe it will be rock and roll or maybe it will be something else,” Ke$ha reveals in the cover story interview for the March 15th issue of Beatweek Magazine. “It could end up being a spoken word record or polka death metal.” But while the musical direction of the followup to her Animal album and Cannibal EP is still clearly up in the air, she’s already chosen a name for it: “The title of my next record will be Spandex on the Distant Horizon.”

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