Soch, the band, comprises of two very talented musicians, Adnan Dhool and Rabi Ahmed. The duo offers a unique, fresh and soulful approach to their earthy music. With Adnan Dhool at the helm, with his gritty vocals, complemented by Rabi Ahmed's guitar rhythms and thought provoking lyrics, Soch takes you on a journey, hitting on the harsh realities of life.
With the band having written copious amounts of new material they chose the best of the best and headed into Xth Harmonic Studio to record their FIRST Song”. Within months of the songs release, Soch’s first ever single “Bandeya” received some mainstream radio airplay.
Soch’s debut song titled “Bandeya” in 2009 established them as an innovative force that uncovered a sound which showcased their melodic and progressive music style. The release of their next three numbers “Uth Jawana”, “Alvida”, and “Awari” not only further reinforced their distinctive sound but also demonstrated their passion, evolution and growth as musicians and songwriters within the rock genre.
Under the mentorship of Xulfi (Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan), Soch is glad to be one of the pioneering artists in Nestle’s Nescafe Basement (Season I) in 2012. Soch’s Bollywood deubt is the track titled 'Awari’ for Mohit Suri directed movie ‘Ek Villain’ starring Shardha Kapoor, Sidharth Malhothra and Ritesh Deshmukh. Awari features Prachi Deasi in the video. Written, composed and rendered by Adnan Dhool and Rabi Ahmed of Soch. In contrary to the original version featured in Nescafe Basement (Season I) under the mentorship of Xulfi in 2012, Awari for Ek Villain features female vocals of the US-based Momina Mustehsan, in a duet with Adnan Dhool.
Soch is only proud of ‘Awari’ as its debut in Bollywood, but also bags the credit of introducing Momina Mustehsan in Bollywood, thus making, ‘Awari’ as her debut in Bollywood too.
Bandeya, Uth Jawana and Awari are the most recognized and acclaimed tracks that are bold with undoubtedly the most thought provoking lyrics ever. Soch convincingly takes its listeners on a melodious journey, hitting the chords of the harsh realities of life and at the same time giving depth of meaning to the songs. The tracks are compelling enough to inspire the listener to take action, and live for a bigger purpose than just themselves.
Soch through their music have been marketing themselves effectively. Soch has so far opened concerts for several mainstream artists like Atif Aslam, Strings, Call, Shiraz Uppal, Noori, Amanat Ali, Annie, Bilal Khan, QB, Qayaas.

Some note-able projects of SOCH include:
1. ‘Khabar’ - OST Chambaili (Geo Films)
2. Performances in Nescafe Basement - Season 1 (2012)
3. World-wide release of their video ‘Bandeya’ in collaboration with Indya Records. ‘Bandeya’ was exclusively aired on 9x Network in India.
4. ‘Bandeya’ was aired in Pakistan on all major music channels. ‘Bandeya’ bagged #2 on ARY Musik and Oxygene. Bandeya on ARY Musik remained in the charts for over 8 weeks with the likes of Sajjad Ali and many other main stream artists.
5. Soch did a soundtrack (‘Tashan’) for 9x Tashan(India’s leading Punjabi music channel)
6. PTI Campaign's:
a. Jaag Utho
b. Tabdeeli Razakaar
c. PTI ‘peace march’ to protest against drone strikes in South Waziristan
7. Awari OST Ek Villain by Mohit Suri