Common Denominator Lyrics

Just a fraction of your love fills the air
And I fall in love with you
All over again, oh
You're the light that feeds the sun
In my world
I'd face a thousand years of pain for my girl
Out of all the things in life that i could fear
The only thing that would hurt me, uh
Is if you weren't here, oh

I don't wanna go back to just being one half of the equation
Do you understand what I'm sayin'?
Girl, without you I'm lost
Can't fix this compass at heart
Between me and love,
You're the common denominator
Oh, oh , oh, oh
Common denominator
Oh, yeah, whoa

Before your love was low
Playing girls was my high
You changed the game
Now I put my card to the side, ay
When broken hearts rise up to say, "Love is a lie"
You and I would stand to be love's reply, yeah

Out of all things in life that I could fear, yeah
The only thing that would hurt me is if you weren't here, whoa


I can't imagine life without your touch,
And every kiss that you give,
You fill me up
And through all the heart achin'
Jealous females hatin'

I'm gonna hold it down for you
You, whoa, oh, whoa
You're the common denominator
Oh yeah whoa

I don't wanna to go back...


Just a fraction of your love fills the air
And I fall in love with you all over again, yeah

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Singer(s): Justin Bieber
Movie/Album: My World
Lyricist: Bieber, Lashaunda "Babygirl" Carr
Year: 2009