Martyrial Girl$ Lyrics

I’m officially going in girl
And refuse to come out
And that’s a bloody
Let’s go
I like to think i promise myself of being humble
And these other mother-ckers lose touch like a fumble
Cause you can keep a level head and have fun
Soon without came the plumber the game in the same ..
Boy release into my .. in the same lane as boys
You gonna have to respect me for making being i’m cool cool
The sandals raise bands skinny ..
So is the deal i’m talking at my t-shirt
‘Cause i sweet the girl behind me staring at my love handles
I just wanna ..on the lead em
Where the fuck is ..when you need em

A crystofal walk and all my paper cut shitty
Thank god for war ..and i gotta thank god ..
‘Cause otherwise i’ll be like these other guys.

It’s time to sing just say my thing
And everybody to prove for schooling
Yes, somehow i never felt so alone
In the roof full of ..
So now i’ma seat on this..
And i’ma gonna laze on my boots
And keep on walking till i make my way home

‘Cause someone tell me how i got here the first place
‘Cause honestly in my opinion this the worst place
I mean i keep say hello to a few girls
I feel like brad pitt stuck in cool world
‘Cause everything so foreign
And all the conversation is boring
I mean i’m practically s