Numb Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Ecstasy... in the air
I don't care, can't tell me nothing
I'm impaired, the worst for wear

I'm going numb, I'm going numb [x5]

[Verse 2]
Can't you see...
Ain't it clear, I don't care
Get closer to me...
If you dare
I double dare

I'm going numb, I'm going numb [x5]

[Eminem: Verse 3]
I’m plastered, (dry wall)
Look me in my (eyeball)
Do I look high? no..
I love the way you lie girl, yeah, yeah, yeah
Come here dear, I'm trying to get closer to you
I'm motioning you to pull over you boo
I'm the siren that you're hear, hear
I'm the butt police, and I'm looking at your rear, rear, rear
But the odds are, imma end up in the back of a squad car
By the end of tonight
I'm a rock star, get your wind up
It's attack of the Oddball
Homie can you show me where the gosh darn bath salts are
Cause I'm sick of sniffing asphalt
Every thought scarred got, now my pants off
The crosswalk, it's suspenders
And I can't feel my lips cause

I'm going numb, I'm going numb [x5]

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Singer(s): Rihanna ft. Eminem
Movie/Album: Unapologetic (2012)
Year: 2012