Batmetal Lyrics

I am be dangerous now
Not me hurt
When stairs fell down
Me pushed by you me hit head
Me nose broke, soon you be dead
Soon you be dead

So strong my face is
You punch break fingers
Kick me, you're limping
Stab me, you're bleeding
I am be angerous now
You throwing rock at me
Hit eye and it no hurt me
I'm strong, you're not
You're not

I'm making time for fighting
I'm clearing time for hitting
We'll meet and I will beat you
Our schedules permitting
I pick out fighting outfit
Don't want my pants too tight
Need clothes to breath to beat you
You'll be beaten down tonight

I'm so fucking tough
I'm so fucking tough
That's right
I'm so fucking tough
I'm so fucking tough
That's right
You're an ugly man
You're as dumb as sand
Your mom's fucking fat
Your mom blew a rat
You are a mistake
You have sex with cake
You think you're so tough
You're a living bluff
I will put you down
I will make you drown
I will make you bleed
I am filled with speed
I cannot feel pain
I might be insane
I am victory
I write history
Feel my fist
On your face
You hate this
I feel great

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Lyrics to "Batmetal/Batface" by Children of Batman. The original song was Face Fisted sung by Dethlok. 9gag shared this song on their channel.

Singer(s): Children of Batman
Movie/Album: Singles - English