Changing World Lyrics

Right at that moment when the scheme makes sense
The grand plan interrupts
Like a wash of brilliant sunlight erasing the night
There's a freedom in submission
In the insistent wandering
And discovering
That actually
We know absolutely nothing at all

Saukalion mein banjaraa main (x7)

Let us free
We sing inside this womb
That the world is changing


I found you huddled in a corner
Reaching out
Been searching
For a language of a prophet to
Flood the draught

Make it rain
Make it rain
With love


The Dewarists -Episode 5: In Jaisalmer with Shri, Monica Dogra and Rajasthan Roots. The song Fast For Jaisalmer will be recorded.

Singer(s): Shri, Monica Dogra & Rajasthan Roots
Movie/Album: The Dewarists
Music: Shri, Monica Dogra & Rajasthan Roots
Year: 2011