I Wish You Would Lyrics

[DJ Khaled]
Im so serious

[Kanye West]
One, two them boys coming for you
Three, four, better lock your door
Five, six,
Hide your bitch
(Ayo Yeezy, pop your shit)

[Kanye West - Verse 1]
They said, thou shall not be ill
Thou shall not feel
Thou should not be trill,
Not be drill, not be real
Niggas selling packs,
Niggas flipping pills
They got heroin and cracks man these niggas high for real
Every year gon be our year
Every year gon be my year
These niggas really is out here, these niggas really is out here
The block is at war post traumatic stress
Ran up outta pills, rob that CVS
Niggas getting bust over In God’s We Trust
We believe in God but do God believe in us
If we believe enough,
Will we ever get to know ‘im
That lean got us dozing
We forget that we the chosen
I’ve been poppin shit for too long
But still reppin’ where I came from
I guess it’s how I came up
I wish you would try to play us

[Kanye West - Hook]
I wish you would nigga [x4]
I guess it’s how I came up
I wish you would try to play us

[Rick Ross]
My money on a another level
In the streets I hear ‘em hotter than the fucking devil
I wonder how I got a hundred in my fucking bezel
G5, make it rain, I can change the weather
We fly, them niggas lame, where your fucking cheddar?
Aim at your brain,
AK be the fucking letters
Fuck niggas fall in alphabetical order
Frank Lucas fur, the cap run more than the quarter
I’m at the fight, ringside, right next to promoters
All my niggas still hustle consider ‘em roguish
I remember catching buses just bought me a Lotus
All your codes get decoded know the niggas you quoting
Hunh, my corner will scorch ya somehow my flow is the coldest
Money, power, respect, the only thing’s truly important family first,
Khaled we gotta stay focused
God Forgives and I don’t
Pussy niggas unnoticed


[Kanye West - Verse 3]
I wish you would nigga,
I wish you would nigga
You see you got a couple cases,
Still look good nigga
You see these niggas’ll try to play ya
Know how ya feel nigga
Eh yup, that’d be the day you wanna kill a nigga
But you gon chill nigga
Just for your kids nigga
Cause now there’s kids doing grown man biz nigga
You just got home nigga
You tryna live nigga
Me I don’t wanna do another five years nigga
The boss is testing yo ass
The feds’ll question yo ass
They be drug testin’ yo ass
And then they pray you don’t pass
And then you look in the sky
You got some questions to ask
With no response make you wanna grab the tech and the mac
Cause they’ve been poppin’ shit for too long
Still reppin’ where I came from
I guess it’s how I came up
I wish you would try to play us