Magic Lyrics

[Verse 1: Flo]
Ah.. Pop another percocet
My flow is retarded, I think I got a birth defect
Highway to heaven Bow! Where the fuck the chauffeur at?
These niggas softer than the pillows on my sofa set
I'm fighting myself cause I don't see no competition
I don't write, I draw that pistol make your face a composition
So please walk away before we stomp your ass
Everyday is halloween and you can get your pumpkin smashed
The ones you think your friends is really your haters
So just do me a favor.. and don't do me no favor
All I need is a blunt and a cup of purple
I put this together, I could've been a construction worker
Niggas looking funny, well I'm just getting blunted
And everybody's wondering if I'm really with Young Money
Well is a pig's pussy pork? Do bears be shittin'
In the woods and wipe they ass with a rabbit when they finish?
Turn my swagger super mean but my bitches bad too
And my flag bright red but lord tab blue, Oop!
Isn't it ironic I tell Tunechi pass the chronic
Purple syrup, yellow Fanta, you can call it Magic Johnson

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
Gone off the shrooms, I'm stoned like tomb
Bitch, I do what I do like the groom
Looking death in the eyes, kissing fear on the lips
I'm so faded my nigga I'm bout to disappear in this bitch
Like poof, there go my roof
Pow, there go my hammer
Come around here stuntin', get jacked like O'Lantern
Two times for them haters, head shots for them snitches
If the best things in life are free then why the fuck we pay attention?
Uh, pockets on Neimans, I go dumb on dental dust
Two many pills, too many blunts
Two bitches named such-and-such
It's Young Money we out chea, we turnt up
Bout that life, my pockets fat like Jack Black
If I go broke, I'mma jack whites
My bitch bad as fuck nigga, my goons bout that trigger play
Murk one of these soft niggas, now I'm in court for a pillow case
This is the magic show but Tune ain't no trick ho
Fuck niggas no Chris Stokes, it's me, flow, D4
Fishtailing out the parking lot like salmon
She swallowed all my kids, bitch we could of had a family
The way I make the purp disappear, straight vanish
Smoke fire, spit fire
Puff the magic dragon tunechi
D4 ho future fuck with me!