Really Raw Lyrics

Uh, in this world after one thing
Get ya money man, like ya uncle told me
Haven’t slept since,
Cause my dreams real big
I aint even rich yet, so get up off my d-ck bitch
Oh shit haters through the mist, on some G-sh-t
Low clip, pop gun, hot toast, noodle shit
You a little noodle drip, watch a shark eat the fish
Ever seen piranha, it’s like the movie jaws again
Leave a n-gga barbershop, chop his top, head gone
Too fly, three strong, nick name, gold bones
What the f*ck you boys want
Roll on you like a joint
Talk behind a nigga back but muthaf*cka
Don’t you point

KFC by the bucket, thats really raw
AK’s you can’t tuck it, thats really raw
Watching porno’s on the iPad, thats really raw
Lamourghini’s with the wide baggage, really raw

It’s that raw from the crippers, pyru’s and strippers
Homie, you could tip her, but I already get her
Harder than I did her, same shit, get no different
Aint no fun if the homies can’t hit it
Ice cold heart make you shiver
I got the flow, make summer turn winter
Ch ch chilly raw cheese stick made up in Philly
I come in peace like a hippy
Piece on my chain, grandma say that silly
The new sports car, retard, Timmy
Watching porno’s on the ipad,
Illy tryna follow my style,
Don’t get dizzy muthaf*cka what you know ’bout

Jerseys with the stealers,
Thats really raw
20 n-ggas on four wheelers,
Thats really raw
Going green, thats so cool,
Thats really raw
My jacket smell like jet fuel, it’s killing y’all

Just bought a ’77 baby blue cadillac
Run it down, set it off, let it off, get back
Diss this twist, this is one of my flavas
Guerilla’s, lions and tigers, they all of my neighbours
Swinging from a vine, like step in my limelight
My kids and my wife and my life got my mind right
Now, what do you do when they spray with the AK
Retaliate n-gga cause ya life full of melee
We got the heat for the street, let me that dough
Ya boy talkin like we don’t know
Blast pass with the forks, no you rollin’ with the locusts
Been the pimpest and the hippest
And I’ve always been the dopest peep my style

Louie bags you can’t order,
Thats really raw
Miami cribs on blue water,
Thats really raw
Blood making the game redder,
Thats really raw
N-gga we hot like Mayweather, it’s killin’ y’all
P stand for Pacqiauo n-gga

California nas I’m more raw than red snapper in the pacific ocean
More raw than the brick as soon as you split it open
Talkin’, the kitchen smokin,
Talkin’ the pots bubbling
I got the blueberry on deck but not muffins
My glock stuffed in my Levi’s
My levis on the buttersoft leather, 2012
Panamera four door Porsche
My chick named Porsche
They two in the same, my stick game is torcher
Monday night raw, got n-ggas in figure four locks
Hit the block YO, you would think it was Fort locks
I don’t rap for Billboard spots
I just wanna f*ck as many bitches as I can and cop some more drops,

Gargling with champagne,
Thats really raw
Classic millionaire frames,
Thats really raw
White tee’s and Jordan 3′s,
Thats really raw
Windmilling with them shits on, killin’ y’all