Santa Rap Lyrics

Ho ho ho ..
Open up ya do
I'm santa claus and guess what y'all
I got something to show
I came to bring some christmas spirit
I got a big bag now guess what's in it
Something for the rich and something for the po
So merry christmas and ho ho ho

Ho ho ho merry christmas my foot
I'ma tell you what santa really put
Under my so-called tree but in reality
Looked like nothin but a decorated pole to me

Man, you talk about a tree it makes wonder
Cause i never had a tree to put anything under
If i ever did luck up and get a tree
There was never anything under it for me

Man i don't what y'all talking about
Cause when i come to your town i just get kicked out
You think i'm getting presents made for free
I gotta pay them elves and ain't nobody paying me

You big fat whale you might as well quit
Cause i can name a hundred presents that i didn't get
And if i did get a present it would be a hand-me-down
Yo i got this for christmas now how that sound

It sounds good to me cause i'm about to freeze
You wanna see something look at the bottom of these
Me and brothers can't go out at the same time
Cause a coat that's theirs is a coat that's mine

Man i know one thing y'all better get off my neck
And wait till you get ya welfare check
Go on down to the office and stand in the line
Better hurry up see i got mine

Jingle, jangle, jingle for the po
And once you get your welfare check
Yo kiss my mistletoe
Ho ho ho
Ho ho ho

That's why the presents keep getting mixed up
Cause year after year you keep fucking up
And now i know why cause you always drunk
Instead of g.I. Joe you send me this junk

That ain't a g.i.Joe that's a g.I. Jerk
With a kungfu grip that don't even work
So all i did was just put him away
Cause my g.i.joe looked g.i. Gay

That's why you don't get presents now
Cause you're just ingrates
If the g.I. Joe is gay what difference does it make
After all he's just a doll ain't too much he can do
If you ask me boy i ain't to sure about

Listen bloato in your big fat suit
Next time say no don't send no substitute
Cause i asked you for a beatbox and you know what i got?
Dougie fresh, you know that kid from down the block

For a fascimile we must admit
Dougie fresh was good and made a perfect fit
He's the only reason why we weren't totally mad
Without dougie our christmas would've been really sad

Well let's get doug e. Fresh and magnificent force
And head on out the do
And leave these partypeople singing
Jingle, jangle for the po sing

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