What's With Indian Men Lyrics

Sun khote kuch hotey ladke
Yeh Hai launda dekh bond sa
ladki dekhi
pheka pheki hath lagaye

sun chhote woh haan ji tokey
aankh micholi kaise roke
mud-mud ke tu chalti jaye

Got my back pack!
Got my guitar!
Gonna fly planes..
Drive in fast cars..
Gonna find men..
See what they're thinking

See what they're driving..
What they are drinkin ..
To see what makes them
I follow in a
If they try n act too slick slick
I beat with bamboo
Why they dress so funny
Spend so little money
Shades when It's not sunny
Runnin home to mummy

Tell me Tell me what's with Indian men
When you see them
Tell me do you believe them?

Tell me what's with Indian men
When you meet them
Can you read them

What's with Indian men opening song lyrics, Sugandha garg song lyrics, Fox History Traveller's TV show song featuring Indrani Dasgupta and Sugandha Garg,

Singer(s): Featuring Indrani Dasgupta & Sugandha Garg
Movie/Album: TV Shows Songs Collection
Year: 2011