First 48 Lyrics

Chris Brown - First 48 Lyrics

Mine Two Nigga Check That
Four Homoside Detectives
Tha Clock Starts Ticking,
Tha Moment They Are Called
He Didnt Even See It Cuming Probably
Thats Him

See Tha Gun Right There
What Did He Do To Deserve What He Got .
Their Chance Of Solving A Murder Isz Cut In Half .(Got It Kevin)
If They Dont Getta Lead , (Race To Tha Sun Right Now)
Within' Tha First 48 Hours , Gott Thatt Niggaa .

Nigga Whatchu Scared For ?
i Hear Yo Heart Beat, Pussys Talkin' All That Shitt ,
They Aint Talkin' No Moe .
Cause Tha Motha' Fuckin' Killa's Outside Yo Front Doe.
and and Its Alright . You.. Betta Pray Nigga's .!!
Firstt 48 Nigga

Tell Them Nigga's Whatt They Scared For ?
We Hear Yo' Heart Beat
Yo Pussys Talkin' All Thatt Shitt ,
You Aint Talkin' No Moe Cause Tha
Motha' Fuckin' Killa's Outside Yo Front Doe .
and and Its Alrightt . You.. Betta Pray Nigga's !
Its Tha First 48 Nigga's

Sumbody Call Tha Laws .
Homosides Bitches,
Nigga Actin' Hard With It When He Wasz Bumpin'
Tha Nigga Should Of Had A Pistol With Him .
When He Wasz Talkin' Tha Otha Night .
He Shoulda Been Tha Suspect Now His Ass Tha Victum .
Everybody Cryin' Now . Tarrists All Forgivin'
i Kept Beatin' On Hisz Cheast , Awww He Wasz Alright .


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first 48 lyrics chris brown. This is the song from chris brown's mixtape "Boy in Detention"

Singer(s): Chris Brown
Movie/Album: Boy In Detention
Year: 2011