The Chills Lyrics

Whoa-ah-oh ah-ah-oh[x8]

Take my hand
maybe we should run away
maybe we should disappear
leave everything behind
like the useless things
boxes labeled memories
the sudden health emergencies
yeah we could leave those things behind

Show me, show me arms that reach for all we can be
through understanding, I tried forgiveness,
I faced the past, it's what I witnessed

why do I only feel the chills when I'm with you?
I only hear your words that you say are true
but you keep thinking it over, thinking it over,
you can catch me if you wanted to, oh

Whoa-ah-oh ah-ah-oh,[x2]

Now, why you gotta say goodbye
when you know you're gonna come with me
no, can't afford to leave and stay
you're gonna have to just build one way

So tell me, tell me all the things you told me we could be
through understanding, I tried forgiveness,
I faced the facts, it's what I witnessed


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Singer(s): Blue October
Movie/Album: Any Man in America
Year: 2011