Challa English Translation Lyrics

Challa ki labhda phire
Challa ki labhda phire
Yaaron main ghar keda
Lokan toh puchda phire

What are you looking for?
What are you looking for?
Where is my home
I keep asking people..

Challa hansda phire
Challa ronda phire
Challa gali gali rulda phire
Challe tu sab da
Challe tera koi nai
Challa gali gali rulda phire
Challa ki labda phire

I roams laughing,
I roams around crying,
I keeps wandering in streets..
You are everyone' one is yours..
He keeps wandering in streets..
What are you looking for?

Rang satrangi de
Bulbulan di boli
Dhup de pairi chale
Chhawaan di lai doli
Hun kaale kaale badalan vich chand labda
Goongiyan hawaan diyaan awajaa sun da
Yaaro aase paase wasda hai yaar mera
Dikhda ni ohdi khusbuaan sungdaan
Challa ki labh da phire..

The twittering of nightingales of seven colors..
My feet burn in the sun, even though I carry the shadow..
I find the moon in the black clouds
And listens to the voices of mute winds..
O friends, my lover lives somewhere close by,
I can't see her, but I smell her fragrance..
What are you looking for?

Na visaal hoya kadi
Na judai hoyi
ishq de qaidi ti
na rihai hoyi

A union that never happened,
Nor a separation..
For the prisoner of love,
There never came freedom..

lokon supne vich milne da vaada usda
saari saari raat na aankh lagdi
mere saa vi thode thode katti honde
meri nabaz vi thodi katti vajdi..
challa ki labhda phire..
logaan to puchhda phire..

She promised me to meet in my dreams,
I couldn't sleep entire night..
My breath also has become a little hard,
And my pulse has skip a beat..
What am i looking for?