Drowning Again Lyrics


Waves upon waves keep me down
And I can't get to the top
But when I get there I'll still be nowhere
Cause I ain't find the one I love
And if I make it out then we should talk about
how you left meeeeeeeeeeeee
Just how you left me
Drownin againnnnnnnn, yea [x3]
You should come see how good it would be
to come drown me

Days upon days I've been floatin
And you don't care if I die or not
But when I'm deceased I hope you will be
dyin next to me in my watery grave
And before we go I just, want my baby to know
how it feels to be...
Drownin again, yeah [x3]
You should come see, how good it would be...

Hey yeah
Ohh-ohhhhh [x3]
Drownin againnnnnnnn, in your love
Ohhhhhh, in your love
Drownin again
Ohh-ohhhh, in your love
Drownin in your love again
Ohh-ohhh in your love
Drownin again in your love
Your love
Drownin again in your love [x2]
Drownin again in your love [x2]


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Singer(s): T-Pain ft. One Chance
Movie/Album: Revolver
Year: 2011