Eyes In The Sky Lyrics

[Hook: Mojo of Dujeous]
I am the eye in the sky
Looking at you
I can read your mind
I am the maker of rules
Dealing with fools
I can cheat you blind

[Verse: Immortal Technique]
Yeah, my truth is the ark of the covenant buried in Ethiopia
Watch who you fucking with in Minneapolis: Somalian
When I go home the world I use to know is gone
And I will live on my own
For what shall it prosper the rapper with creative control
To sign a deal with the devil and lose his soul
My still born first expression is cold
Like the faces of slave masters on the paper I fold
Subliminal racial supremacy choking me quick
Like the bedtime stories of Joseph Smith
Lynch mob gunning for me trying to murder my seeds
So shorty put 'em in the Nile in a basket of reeds
And now I stare in to the future with a spiritual flashlight
Wondering who the fuck was me in a past-life
Bad diet, fuck raw, die young, fast life
Same as a crash flight that took off when the music died on your last night
Tell 'em the truth and they call you a traitor
Talk to 'em honestly and they call you a hater
Losing my composure cause the message is urgent
Talking reckless drunk on the mic like Larry Merchant
Cursing at the serpent Sumerian demons
Who brush their wings against the air that I'm breathing
A heathen with nothing left to believe in
Even a reason from living that was forgiven by God and not religion
Envision Jesus risen from the dead like Horus
In the baptist church shaking off the rigor mortis
The borders should be illegal instead of the people
That were here before the Bible and all of its sequels
I speak to the detached and unrealistic
That were born normal but turned socially autistic
We resisted homeland securities mission
Because I know what they really envisioned...

[Hook x2]