Headlines Remix Lyrics

imma real n*gga,
nothing artificial,
i run with former drug dealers & they all official,
i know you soft as tissue, so i ain't arguing wit' you,
say its all fun & games till them bottles hit you,
??????? if you want to, i don't play dawgg,
you don't wanna' see them killers with the gay dawgg..
zone one westside of the A dawgg,
you thinking we some suckas' you is waaay wrong..
i ball all night, go hard all day, go deep up in your broad all day,
t.i. not fly thats ??? say, big bankrolls and massage all day..
nevermind they blazay blazay just minaj parlay with some latin hot designer, hollywood in my denalay..
flawless bodies, gorgeous faces, safe to say they going places, great hair, wet p*ssy
touching butts or face..
hey shawty going in, won't ever go away and they going apeshit, they don't need to tell em' they know!

Submitted by : Daniel Shufflebotham