Real Hip Hop #3 Lyrics

Chris Brown - Real Hip Hop #3 Lyrics

Leather jacket, relaxing, The movie scenes I’m acting,
These rappers practice, I’m at the plate,
Enough to bat bitch, Fully smoking locomotive,
nigga, f-ck an adlib
In the club celebrating
Cause I’m self promoted
Is it a fire? Cause the crowd smoking!
Big Will, she off a pill: rollin
You know a country nigga hungry
Waffle house? Open!
But they too broke to pay their bills
So they’re freeloading
But it’s cool, sit down

You know that nigga rich?
Girl his name: Chris Brown
His chain’s so ugly that it makes a bitch frown
I’m serving all these niggas, but who ordered hash browns?
Nigga, I be like: yeah I got the check
And I just paid your bills, so.. yes
I want some sex, Hah! But first, can I kiss your neck?
And I’mma work you out, so you ain’t gotta stretch
Hold up! Let me slow up, Impregnate your beat,
I make that bitch blow up, I eat all I can eat
Until a nigga throw up
I tell that DJ “ay! Pull up, pull up”

Man, I’m so sick of these lame motherf-ckas
A nigga’s still shitting on the game, motherf-cka
Old niggas as the world change, muthaf-ckas
Y’all niggas still being the same muthaf-cka?
Who else, dawg?
Look, let me go in, then I count more ends
My tints 11, and your friends in my Benz
The engine on that Viper 220
And it’s green in the trunk, but that’s new money
Watch: Frank Mueller,
My Ruger, cut that shit - fire. I just shot my jeweler!
Another hundred racks just to make my chain a cooler
Off that Four Loco, out of my medulla
Wow! I be seeing dead people

Dead prezzzies my besties
Nigga, we are not equal
How you get the big picture
Looking from a peephole?
My real niggas in the back, but
“He ain’t talking to me tho!”
I know you mad cause I afford it
TMZ, I’m wiping my ass, so stop recording
Supposedly a singer, can’t do hip-hop
But I just killed this shit, so let the, shit rock