Say Goodbye Lyrics

Bring me back the good old days,
When you let me misbehave.
Always knew,
It wouldn't last,
But if you ask,
I'd go again yeah,
I'd go again.

It's alright,
It's okay,
I don't need you anyway
You don't have to tell the truth cause if you do
I'll tell it too
Oh, I'll tell it too

It ain't easy to stay in love
If you can't tell lies,
So I'll just have to take a bow and say goodbye.

I'm loosened up,
But it's too late to turn it around.
I'm dropping bolts on the ground and I'm coming unwound.

Don't you miss
The good old days,
When I let you misbehave?
Why you're looking down like that?
I know that you dying to come back,
Please come on back.

Well, it ain't easy to stay in love
When you're telling lies,
So I'll just have to take a bow
And say goodbye.

Say Goodbye, Say Goodbye Lyrics, Norah Jones Say Goodbye, Say Goodbye Lyrics Norah Jones


Singer(s): Norah Jones
Movie/Album: Little Broken Hearts
Year: 2012